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Gun shop in S.C. tries unique marketing strategy

The Simpsonville Gun & Pawn shop in Simpsonville, S.C. is tapping into anger over President Obama’s endless calls for gun control with a unique marketing strategy: “Want to piss off Obama? Buy a gun!”

Pawn shop owner Mark Teal told WDBD:

Its mainly just to sell guns, but theres a little bit of political connotation to it also, said Mark Teal, owner of Simpsonville Gun and Pawn.

Its a political connotation, according to Teal, stemming from President Obamas address to the country Sunday night regarding terrorism and gun control.

Congress should act to make sure that no one on a no-fly list should be able to buy a gun, said President Obama in his thirteen minute address to the nation.

Teal also commented on how the president gets Secret Service protection for his family, but he wants to deny that same protection to ordinary Americans:

I just think its strange that he has 24 hour security, his children and wife have 24 hour security with armed guards everywhere they go [and] its ok for them to have armed guards, but its not ok for us to protect ourselves.

Well said, Mr. Teal.

President Obama really has been good news for gun manufacturers. Shares in gun stocks have soared in the past 7 years:

And gun sales are booming since the terrorist attack in San Bernardino:

Kind of the opposite of what President Obama wanted to happen.

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‘ROFL!’ Don’t miss this ‘gripping photo’ of Obama’s Ukraine meeting [Photoshop]


The photo of Obama’s Situation Room meeting on Ukraine and Russia is the gift that keeps on giving. And so is conservative blogger and Photoshopper Caleb Howe.


Do yourself a favor and view the large version to see all the brilliant details.


A few clues for your treasure hunt:


Yes! That’s where Yakov has been hiding!


More Photoshops, Caleb!

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Lis Smith becomes willing victim of Obama’s ‘You can keep it’ lie


Lis Smith, former director of rapid response for Obama for America, says she’s glad she’s being emancipated from her junky old health insurance plan and is looking forward to the upgraded plan, courtesy of the Affordable Care Act.


Not all Americans were so happy receiving cancellation notices and being forced off of their existing plans, having been promised they could keep them if they liked them. Smith, though, didn’t like her plan, so this is a happy surprise.


It feels great!



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Biden marks anniversary of Obama’s nomination; Not everybody’s celebrating


It’s been six years — six long and expensive years — but Joe Biden seems thrilled with what they’ve accomplished:


And the DNC retweeted it:


It might be the six-year anniversary of the nomination of Obama/Biden, but not everybody’s celebrating:


Why is everything so absolutely fucked up? Why.

Well, we have the answer right here…

twitter.com/JoeBiden/statu…— The 57th State© ℅EF™ (@EF517_V2) August 27, 2014


Six years after the nomination and subsequent election (and 2012 re-election) of Obama/Biden, the veep might want to ask himself why his granddaughters are still so horribly oppressed.

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