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LIAR: Did Hillary Clinton seriously say THIS about Benghazi, video? Katie Pavlich skewers with truth

Heh. What was fun? Watching author, Townhall Editor and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich absolutely skewer Hillary Clinton for an outrageous and shameful lie. It started with this:

And then this happened:

WHAT?! It is clear that the one thing Hillary Clinton excels at is lying. Katie Pavlich let her HAVE IT with the hard truth.

The hard and devastating truth.

Huh. Funny that.

And we are still waiting for these answers:

From Hillary? *Crickets.*

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‘BREAKING’: Obama took a walk and CNBC was totally on it [pic]!/laKateKate/status/386178367579381760

Yes, really. It’s come to this:!/dorseyshaw/status/386171811257266176

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Behind the scenes at CNBC:!/CNBCMelloy/status/386171560672772096

Next time go with deep investigative coverage of Biden and his Joe-viators. Always a hit:!/jbendery/status/386173581840764928!/Phil_Mattingly/status/386170606174994432

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Hundreds Of People Surprise A Kid Who Built His Own Arcade But Never Got Customers

The tale of Caine’s Arcade is probably one of the most moving stories we’ve shared in a long time.

At the tender age of nine, an inspirational boy named Caine started building his own elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto parts store. After months of getting no customers, one stranger walked in and did something incredible.

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See how the man shocked Caine. I dare you not to tear up!

Caine’s Arcade isn’t exactly bustling with kids and gamers, since it’s in the front of his dad’s auto parts store.

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Inside, Caine proudly displays his numerous arcade machines and games that are all made out of cardboard. The nine-year-old even built his very own claw machine!

Caine takes his work seriously. He even made himself a staff shirt! As much as he loves his bright blue shirt, he only rocks it on weekends because he’s afraid he’ll be made fun of for wearing it to school.

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Caine has trouble getting customers because his dad does most of his business on eBay. When he told the kids at school about his arcade, they made fun of him.

But the little guy never gave up. One day, a man named Nirvan Mullick saw the arcade and was blown away. He spent a while playing and once he got home, he immediately went online and posted to social media. What followed left the little boy absolutely speechless.

Watch the entire heartwarming video below. Seriously, take 10 minutes out of your day for this. It’s well worth it!

Mullick’s video of strangers doing such a sweet thing for Caine went viral, and for good reason. People wanted so much to be a part of Caine’s success that a scholarship fund was started for the young boy that now has nearly $250,000 in donations. Those funds will help this industrious little boy excel later in life. He clearly has more than enough determination to make his dreams come true.

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