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These 15 One-Sentence Facts Will Blow Your Mind… Every Time.

If you love facts, but don’t have the time to sit around reading encyclopedia volume after encyclopedia volume just so you’ll have something to say that will impress your co-workers at the water cooler, then these one-sentence bits of information are for you.

Here’s a bonus fact to get you started: they’re super interesting.

(Bonus bonus fact: that’s not actually a fact, but it should be!) Take a look!  

(via Reddit, H/T BuzzFeed)

25,000,000 more of your cells just died. Who knew sentences were such a big killer?

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10 Incredible Optical Illusions That You’ll Only Be Able To Find Outdoors.

When you think of “optical illusions,” you probably think of carefully drawn images or tricky photos. However, you can find some by just looking outside. I had no idea Mother Nature was so deceptive! I’d feel betrayed, but these optical illusions are too cool to be anything but amazed. These all-natural illusions will blow your mind, if not your paycheck on hiking equipment to check some of them out in real life. Think of them as organic treats for your brain. Take a look!

1. Apache Head In The Rocks (Ebihens, France)

2. River Tree (Baja, California)

3. Wave Rock Formation (Page, Arizona)

4. River Reflection (Glen Canyon, Utah)

5. The Badlands Guardian (Alberta, Canada)

6. Mother Nature Crying (Svalbard, Norway)

7. Violin Island (Violin Island, Costa Rica)

8. Face In The Snow (Unknown)

9. Jacob’s Well (Wimberly, Texas)

10. Underwater Waterfall (Mauritius)

(via Distractify) These are incredible… and you can only find them in nature (which is even more impressive). Share nature’s beauty (and deception) by clicking on the button below.

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