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Studies Show That Kittens Lower Your Blood Pressure. So This One Must Cure Everything.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.

Just looking at kittens can lower your blood pressure (seriously), so do yourself a favor and check out this little cutie. She is absolutely precious and was the tiniest creature when she was born.

Memebon hails from Japan and is the cutest kitten in the entire world. Period.

She is an exotic shorthair kitten – and she is the happiest one you’ll ever see.

She was a bit of a pipsqueak, but that just makes her even sweeter.

And unlike a Gremlin, when you get her wet, it gets even better.

We love you Memebon.

Even now that you’re all grown up, you’re still precious.

Make someone’s day MUCH better by sharing Memebon with them.


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No Matter How Hard You Fight It… You’re Just Like Your Mother. Here’s Proof.

Most people don’t want to admit it, but face it: we all grow up to be like our parents, in one way or another. After seeing her mother wearing her own clothes, Carra Skyes decided to make a gallery of herself and her mother wearing the same outfits. When you look at these side-by-side photos of this daughter and her mother, you’ll know it to be true. In fact, their similarities are so uncanny, you might need to look twice before you can tell who is who. This simple gallery is going to blow your mind.

Try not to be too hard on your mom. After all, you’re going to be just like her one day.


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That’s Not A Storm Ready To Terrorize A Rural Area. It’s Way, Way, Way Better Than That.

Look to the sky. What would you do if you saw a churning, moving mass floating above your head? What if the sky was filled with small bodies, all beautifully and inexplicably moving as if they were one? If you’re anything like me, then you would probably have a small heart attack. The sight would almost be too beautiful and strange to process. If you have ever seen a starling murmuration in person, then you’d know that the display of these flocking birds is a wondrous and awesome sight to behold. A murmuration is when hundreds of starlings flock together, moving in unison. It sounds boring, but when you see it, it’s nothing but.

It’s hard to understand exactly why or how starlings flock together in such incredible fashion.

Until recently, even scientists weren’t sure why these birds flew in such a mind-bending way.

As it turns out, the little creatures “best described with equations of “critical transitions” — systems that are poised to tip, to be almost instantly and completely transformed, like metals becoming magnetized or liquid turning to gas.”

Each starling is connected to the other starlings. When one bird moves, his neighbor does, too.

On such a large scale, that simple principle looks incredible.

At times, murmurations even look like a sign from the heavens…

Or an alien invasion…

But really, it’s just a lot of little birds, all flying in unison.

You have to see this for yourself.

No matter how many explanations you read, you’ll be left feeling pretty stunned.

I’ve never been so shocked by birds before.

Murmurations of starlings usually happen in the fall, signaling the arrival of winter. The flocking birds can reach a speed of 20mph, which looks stunning overhead. To see it for yourself, watch the video below: See what I mean? It’s just a flock of birds… but it’s incredible. Via Amusing Planet Share this awesome part of Mother Nature with others.

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What You’re About To See Is All Completely Real. The Last Photo Says It All.

In the past 30 years, over four thousand firefighters have died on the job. Every day, these brave heroes risk their lives to save others. When there are fires, explosions and disasters, most people will flee and run away from the flame. Firefighters, however, run towards them. If that isn’t enough to earn your respect, these pictures will be.

Those who decide to be firefighters are special kinds of people.

They go through hours of rigorous training to do a job that is even more dangerous.

Not only do they save humans, but animals, too.

When disasters strike, firefighters are there to save us.

And most firefighters are volunteers.

Don’t take these heroes for granted.

Fighting fires is a dangerous and complex job. Not everyone can do it.

Most work for 50 hours a week. Some work in 24 hour shifts.

Firefighters deserve more praise than they receive. If you know one of these unsung heroes, take time to thank them. Share this article to honor all of the brave firefighters in our country; every time they are on the job, they are risking their lives for you.

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This Squirrel Cam Captures All The Cute Critters As They Prepare For Winter.

As humans, we prepare for winter by pulling out our bulky sweaters and scarves and stocking up on soup. While we inch closer to dusting off our space heaters and unfolding our electric blankets, these adorable adorable critters seem to be focused on one thing: food.

If you ever wanted to know what squirrels look like when they’ve hit the nut jackpot, then Squirrel Cam is the Facebook page for you. A mid-munch squirrel is a sight that’s awesome to see. If that thought has never occurred to you, you’ll quickly learn that it is. They’re just so excited about their find–it’s really so adorable. It’s not exclusively squirrels, either. Chipmunks and other tiny critters make appearances as well. 

These little guys are preparing for winter, stuffing their cheeks full of nuts and seeds. Their enthusiasm for cheek-stuffing is cuter than I ever imagined it could be.

There’s no way I’m wasting this peanut.


Okay, they can stay.




Happy Halloween!

This squirrel knows they’re posing for a picture and not a oil painting, right?

Buth I wanth more…

Super Chipmunk.

Epic noms, guys. Epic noms.

The nut represents the chipmunk’s cuteness, the chipmunk my brain.

The jig is up.

A little wisdom from your friends at Squirrel Cam.


What? What peanut?

WAIT, you’re not a squirrel.

You said I could take more than one, right?

Everyone loves a good midday snack!

…but I want to eat more…


(via Squirrel Cam)

So cute! You’d have to be nuts not to be into Squirrel Cam.

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These People Basically Lost An Entire Human Being. The Before And After Photos Are Unreal.

Losing weight is a problem that most people face at some point in their lives. In this fast-paced, unhealthy world it’s so easy to slip and start living an unhealthy lifestyle. If you have a family, a job or other responsibilities it might be difficult to find time to adjust your life in order to get back on track. However, these incredible 10 women found the strength and motivation to change their lives. When they did, the results were absolutely overwhelming. You’ll see.

1.) Martha Price (52) from Stoneham, MA – Lost 84 pounds

2.) Rachel Lima (39) from Sacramento, CA – Lost 85 pounds

3.) Michelle Fritts (25) from Rockville, MD – Lost 89 pounds

4.) LeAnne Richards (48) from Hesperia, CA – Lost 90 pounds

5.) Maureen Albrecht (56) from Arcadia, CA – Lost 111 pounds

6.) Charlotte Siems (49) from Stillwater, OK – Lost 112 pounds

7.) Laurel Fooks (33) from Springfield, OR – Lost 125 pounds

8.) Mary Darcy (41) from Charlotte, NC – Lost 152 pounds

9.) Terri Fisher (40) from Sioux Falls, SD – Lost 201 pounds

10.) Brenda Smith (43) from Lithia Springs, GA – Lost 206 pounds

Here are some pro tips that these women wanted to share with you. These tips helped them get on their path to weight loss… and it could help you, too. -Create accountability for yourself—try keeping a journal to keep track of the food and calories you are eating each day. -Hire a personal trainer—I started going to one at my gym, 24 Hour Fitness. Who better to invest in than yourself? -Find support from a network of people who are also living a healthy life. I found mine in my boyfriend and coworkers, as they were either dieting right along with me, or at least working on living a healthier lifestyle. -Find an exercise buddy—it not only keeps you motivated but also makes exercising more fun! -Take your own photos (front, side, back) monthly because sometimes you see progress in those pictures that you won’t see on the scale or tape measure. -Set small weight-loss goals for yourself—it makes the whole process much less overwhelming! -Tell everyone you know that you are trying to lose weight and get healthy. This kept me accountable during the tough times. Source: Woman’s Day Their before and after photos are absolutely unreal. Share them with others by clicking on the button below.

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Seeing What This Stray Dog Did Will Hit You Hard. Seriously, From The Very First Photo.

Seeing the conditions that some stray dogs have the live in can break your heart, especially if you’re an animal lover. When I saw what this two-legged stray had to do on the streets in China, it brought tears to my eyes. The stray was named Si Bao by a owner who later abandoned her. Then, after being left by her owner to fend for herself on the streets, she faced tragedy.

Si Bao, after becoming a stray, was hit by a speeding train. Her injuries were so severe, she lost her two back legs.

HAP / Quirky China News / REX

Then, she became pregnant and gave birth to a litter of puppies… who were all healthy, thankfully.

HAP / Quirky China News / REX

Even though she doesn’t have her back legs, it didn’t make her weak.

HAP / Quirky China News / REX

Si Bao lovingly nuzzles and protects her pups, all while balancing on her front legs.

HAP / Quirky China News / REX

She’s a tough mommy, and a survivor.

HAP / Quirky China News / REX

There are over 130 million stray dogs living on the streets in China, with Si Bao and her puppies just being a tiny part of that population. The number of strays has been growing because of China’s urbanization. Families are moving deeper into cities and high-rise apartments that have little room for pets. So, much like this girl’s owner did, they leave their pets behind. We hope this unique momma dog and her puppies find a good home, safe from speeding trains and with plenty of love. Via Daily Mail Share her story with others online.

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When You Start Petting This Awesome Dog, Stopping Is Basically Impossible.

Every dog has its day. Every dog also have a favorite place to be pet (it’s just Science). Some dogs love a good ear tickle, while other go nuts for a long belly rub. This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, though, is addicted to people scratching his chest. 

His obsession is so bad, once you start petting him, he just can’t let you stop.

OO.ready(function() { OO.Player.create(‘ooyalaplayer’, ‘Bic3U4cTojuHsAji6HQZhQSl4S3bvXq-‘, {‘autoplay’:true}); });

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Hey…no means no! (But honestly, who could resist that face?)

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This Dog Is A Disco Dancing Machine. Just Look At Those Groovy Moves!

I never thought a dog could be a better dancer than me, but then I saw this video of a Bichon Frise grooving to its favorite Chinese disco song. Now, I knew my dance moves are sub par in comparison.

Watch as the adorably fluffy dog shuffles side to side while “You Are My Flower” by Wu Bai & China Blu plays in the background. The most amazing part is, the dog actually keeps a beat pretty good.

(Source: YouTube)

There you have it folk. Disco is not dead, it’s just gone to the dogs.

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I Always Knew A Mother’s Love Was Strong, But This Is ANGELIC. And She Died To Do It.

Juan was living with damaged vision since he was only 5 years-old. He was nearly blind. What his mother did for him on her deathbed is so

Miriam Aguirre Santos wanted to give the gift of sight to her son after she passed away. Her final wish was to donate her corneas to Juan.

When he was only 5, Juan Aguirre was involved in a car accident that stole his vision. A drunk driver hit the car he was in, badly damaging his corneas. His vision was permanently and severely blurry.

But after his mother passed away on September 30th, he underwent the first ever mother-son corneal transplant surgery.

The surgery was a success and Juan was amazed at his mother’s selfless gift. “It’s like a whole new world has opened up.”

When she suffered the heart attack that stole her life, she reiterated to the doctors that she desperately wanted to give her son her eyes.

Not only did she save her son’s vision, but her kidneys and liver helped save other people’s lives.

Share this story of unconditional motherly love

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