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See This Pond? It’s Hiding A Secret That You’re Going To Absolutely Love…. Trust Me.

Preparing your house and property for the summer months can be a daunting task, especially if you need to perform maintenance on your pools or decks. During the spring, some families even decide to add some new features to their yards to be enjoyed in the warmer months. The pond you see below would be a refreshing and beautiful addition to any home during the summer. With the help of David Pagan Butler, many families are finding a new way to add fun features to their yard.

A pond like this would be beautiful and serene.

Not only that, but it attracts amazing wildlife to the yard.

Imagine reclining by this cool water.

And then swimming in it!

What makes David’s ponds so special is that they are actually something called Organic Pools. These are natural swimming pools that allow the growth of wildlife and are environmentally friendly. “The nutrient level in an organic pool is carefully restricted so competition for the limiting nutrient (usually phosphorous) is fierce. In these circumstances, pond plants outperform algae, keeping it suppressed and barely hanging in at the margins. A pond, low in nutrients, is a healthy environment for wildlife. An organic pool is teeming with life.”

The organic pools are created in such a way so that they are safe to swim in, but don’t restrict plant growth.

In fact, the plants and animals that are attracted to the pond stop the growth of algae.

You can purchase guides that help you build your own organic swimming pools.

One of the most important things to remember is that the water is still completely clean and hygienic.

This isn’t your average pool.

If done correctly, the water will be drinking water quality AND benefits the wildlife.

To learn more about David’s Organic Pools, watch this video. If you’re interested in purchasing a DIY DVD about how to make your own pool, click here.

(H/T LifeBuzz) If you have enough space on your property, build an Organic Pool. Not only will you be helping the local wildlife and creating a peaceful place for you and your family to relax… but you’ll be the only person for miles around with a pool like this. Click below to share this awesome new pool idea. Cooling off in the summer should be a fun, enjoyable experience (and not a hot and sweaty drive to the beach).

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What An Artist Did With These Famous Album Covers Is Beyond Cool. Rock On!

JB is an artist and musician who began animating album covers of famous musicians for fun. Some of them are from his favorite artists of all time, but sometimes, he just felt like animating a cover because it looked cool. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the artists or not, it’s amazing what JB can add to the images with just simple motions, capturing the overall tone of the cover, but making it more powerful through action.

Jimmy Eat World – Futures

Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown

Guns And Roses – Appetite For Destruction

Coldplay – Parachutes

Iron Maiden – Peace of Mind

The Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Dream Theater – Metropolis PT 2: Scenes From A Memory

Metallica – And Justice For All

Public Enemy – Must Sick-N-Hour Mess Age

Pink Floyd – The Endless River

Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day

Alice Cooper – Raise Your Fist And Yell

Gorillaz – Gorillaz

Dragonforce – Sonic Firestorm

Dropkick Murphys – the Warriors Code

Hammer Fall – No Sacrifice, No Victory

ACDC – Fly On The Wall

Aerosmith – Nine Lives

Metallica – Ride The Lightning

Jethro Tull – Living With The Past

Kiss – Rock And Roll Over

Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon

Metallica – St. Anger

Judas Priest – Ram It Down

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Eminem – The Eminem Show

Nirvana – Nevermind

Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty

With people more and more getting their music digitally from the Internet, will JB’s kind of art be the future? We think so. Don’t forget to check out JB’s Tumblr.


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These Two Guys Would’ve Been In Serious Trouble If They Got Caught. But It Was Totally Worth It.

For me, heights are a problem. I’m not alone, though. Acrophobia, the fear of heights, is the third most common phobia. Vadhim Mahora and Ritaliy Raskalov, though, are two men that don’t have that problem. In fact, they love heights. So much so, they broke a handful of laws just to climb to the top of the tallest skyscraper they could find.

Vadim and Ritaliy were traveling through China with one terrifying goal in mind…

They wanted to climb to the top of the Shanghai tower.

It is the 2nd tallest skyscraper in the WORLD.

Understandably, most people might think these guys are a little nuts.

They chose to attempt the climb during the Chinese New Year, when they knew security would be lax.

So, they broke in.

Then, the two climbed 120 stories on foot.

Once they reached the top of the building, they slept and waited for good weather.

As soon as the weather was clear, they climbed to the very top of the crane that was perched on top of the tower.

The views were absolutely stunning.

Are your palms sweating yet?

At that height, you would be able to feel and SEE the building swaying below you.

I might need to lie down for a while.

You have to give these guys credit. They broke a whole bunch of laws and traveled the world to do something that terrifies me so much, I’m sweating just typing this. Source: Vadim Mahora & Ritaliy Raskalov Share their feat with others, people need to see this awesomeness.

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These Are The 30 Best Swimming Spots From Around The World.

Spending all summer in front that box fan in your bedroom is probably getting a bit old, no matter how many times you do the Darth Vader thing with your voice. It’s time to get out of the house and find some classier ways to beat the heat. Lap up all the luxury in one of the 30 best swimming options from all over the world. You may have to fly halfway around the world to try one of these, but it is probably worth it. Sure, a lot of these are a pretty pricey. At least staring at these pictures may force your body temperature to a lower boiling point.

(via Izismile.) I feel better already. Share with friends to see if they want to join you for some swanky skinny dipping.

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I Can’t Decide If This Hobbit Home Is Crazy Or Brilliant… But One Look Inside And I Want To Stay There.

This incredible little home is the ‘Hobbit House’, a hobbit themed cottage designed by architect Peter Archer for a lifelong J.R.R. Tolkien fan. It’s located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, a place dotted with picturesque barns and rolling fields, yet is surprisingly close to Philadelphia.

The Hobbit House was built for the sole reason of being a personal museum, a private place where one fan of the famous author could store all his Tolkien-inspired memorabilia. A 30 year collection of books, figurines and other collectables.

Exterior views of the Hobbit inspired house in Chester County, near Philadelphia:

Wouldn’t be a hobbit home without a small round wooden door.

The inside is just as cosy as you’d imagine.

It even has a Tolkien inspired chess board.

Archer, who had little knowledge of Tolkien’s work before designing the Hobbit House, explains:

Upon starting the project I read the book The Hobbit and watched the Lord of the Rings movies, but more importantly, looked at the range of writings by Tolkien, including amazing sketches he had done to illustrate his work. I remember at the start saying that we would be happy to design the structure but we were not going to do a Hollywood interpretation. We wanted it to be timeless. It was built in 2004 but looking at it, you could think it was from 1904 or 1604.

Now all I want to do is get comfy in that little hobbit home and smoke a pipe by the fire…that is until some pesky dwarves come knocking on my door wanting an adventure.

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This Incredible Body Art Will Blow You Away… And Make You Cringe. The One Girl’s Back = WOW.

Japanese body artist and student Choo-San likes to create slightly unnerving and surreal body art. Using only acrylic paint and copious amounts of imagination, she makes her body art come alive. Choo-San discovered her talent for body art while taking a year off studying. She says she started painting hyper-realistic artworks on bodies because she was sick of all the Photoshopped pictures in the industry, and she wanted to see how far she could go without all the modern technologies. I have to say that her work is very impressive, if somewhat eerie.

She’d make one awesome tattoo artist. Source: reddit / You can find more of Choo-San’s work on her website here. Remember, sharing is caring, so share these pictures with your friends below.

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Nature Is Eating This Abandoned House Little By Little. It’s Eerily Awesome.

A Reddit user and his friend were walking through the woods when they happened upon an abandoned house, barely visible as it peeked out from behind overgrown shrubbery and vines. Its owner had long since died and no one moved in or cared for the house after his death. What they found inside was proof that when humans are gone, nature takes over.

Nobody had touched the house since the owner passed on. You could barely see it from the outside.

There was even a “No Trespassing” sign above the entrance.

Ivy had completely conquered the main door frame.

And the living room seemed to be mainly comprised of overgrown ivy as well.

There was water damage all over the house, like you see here in the living room.

Nature was slowly creeping in, taking over the structure.

The kitchen was at the mercy of the vines coming in through the windows.

All of the appliances were tossed and probably trashed.

Looking out from the garage.

The entrance to the creepy basement was NOT very welcoming.

Ahh, retro interior design.

Some of the upstairs rooms weren’t structurally sound, with the floors sagging.

Lots of of the walls had holes in them, presumably from vandals and thieves stealing wire.

There was also lots of trash stacked inside of the walls for some unknown reason.

The surrounding countryside was overtaking the house.

Which was almost a shame, because there were some positively cute aspects to the design.

A quick, terrifying shot of the basement.

Nature wins.

Mother Nature is a powerful force to be reckoned with, even if it takes her a little longer to win out in the end. Source: We think you should share this if you were impressed by just how strong nature. No matter how long each of us are here for, the Earth will be here longer.

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Drones Take Incredible Aerial Photographs Of The World, Something Humans Just Can’t Do.

Finding new ways to view the world around you is a blessing. Too often we take this planet for granted. It’s a massive, beautiful place. To really appreciate something, sometimes all you need is a change of perspective. That’s what Dronestagram offers. On this unique photography website, people use their drones to take incredible aerial photographs of the world around them. In the past, it’d be impossible for the average person to achieve this kind of photography. But now? Almost anyone can snap a picture with a view that is unbelievable. It’s a whole new world.

1.) An eagle flying over the coast (Bali Barat National Park, Bali, Indonesia).

2.) A group of friends looking upwards (Manilla, Philippines).

3.) A sunset over a quiet village (Annecy, France).

4.) Tamul waterfall (Mexico).

5.) A beautiful view over a tall building.

6.) The clear, almost hypnotic water at Crystal Bay Beach (Koh Samui, Thailand).

7.) The active Halemaumau Crater in the Kilauea Caldera in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii).

8.) An explorer runs along the summit of a mountain (Les Contamines-Montjoie, France).

9.) An aerial view of beautiful beach huts (Moorea, French Polynesia).

10.) The Argentina-Germany World Cup final (Brazil).

11.) A swath of dead trees (Baima, China).

12.) Tivoli’s Roman villas (Rome,Italy).

13.) Niagra Falls (Canada).

14.) The view from Morro dos Cabritos (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

15.) Golf course at Nataloda Bay (Denarau, Fiji).

16.) Soaking up the sun on Glapsides Beach (Cyprus).

17.) A beautiful sunset over a field of crops (Chester, United Kingdom).

18.) People packed together at Guarapari (Espírito Santo, Brazil).

19.) A baseball field in the middle of the city (ersey City, New Jersey).

20.) The Goleta Coastline (California).

21.) Aiguille du midi, Massif du Mont Blanc (Chamonix, France).

22.) A stunning image of Fossil Rock (Dubai, United Arab Emirates).

23.) An epic angle of the Tower of Pisa (Pisa, Italy).

24.) Highway 1 winding around the cliffs (Big Sur, California).

25.) The mysterious Pharaoh’s Island (Sinai, Egypt).

26.) A group of tourists snorkeling in beautiful, clear water (Taha’a lagoon, French Polynesia).

27.) This is what the perfect countryside looks like (Le Lavaux, Switzerland).

28.) The sun setting behind the Keyhole Arch at Pfeiffer Beach (Big Sur, California).

29.) A serene view of Ayers Rock (Australia).

30.) The border between Tijuana and San Diego (San Diego, California).

31.) The road bordering Kharkov city (Ukraine).

32.) A flock of vultures scour the countryside for food (Ronda, Spain).

33.) Friends relax against their car (Barahona, Dominican Republic).

34.) The city of Funchal (Madeira Island, Portugal).

35.) Quai des Milliardaires (Antibes, France).

36.) Two baseball teams listen to the National Anthem before a game (Virginia Beach, Virginia).

37.) Sharks swim menacingly below the surface of the tranquil water (San Diego, California).

38.) What relaxation looks like (Riviera de São Lourenço, Brazil).

39.) The Palace Square (St. Petersburg, Russia).

40.) Workers harvest sea salt (Aigues-Mortes, France).

(H/T Dronestagram) If you have your own drone pictures, you can submit them on Dronestagram here. You can help the human race map the world visually. As the site says, “let’s build a world map of our Earth with a bird’s eye view.” This is a clever new take on nature photography. Share it with others by clicking on the button below.

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This Sculpture Changes Before Your Eyes. You Need To See It To Believe It.

Artist Thomas Medicus did not just want to create one painting. Instead, the Austrian artist created something between a painting and a sculpture that changes depending on how it’s viewed. 

Emulsifier is composed of 160 glass strips, and each strip is painted on all four sides with pieces of different images. Depending on what side of the four-sides sculpture you’re standing on, you’ll see one of four images. A fish and a stork make up two, and the stork’s and fish’s interior views make up the other two. 

Stork exterior

Stork interior

Fish exterior

Fish interior

Viewed from the top, Emulsifier appears to be a series of narrow glass panes with scattered fragments of paint.

 Besides painting on glass to blow our minds, Medicus also works as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator, as well as a musician. 

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This Little Girl Transforms Into Her Favorite Characters For Stunning Photos.

Nine-year-old Alice Lewis loves dressing up and posing for her mother’s photos. Adopted by photographer Kelly at age 7, Alice previously spent her young life bouncing from home to home before finding her family. She hopes to have a career in modeling when she grows up, but for now, the photo sessions serve as a bonding ritual between the new mom and daughter.

Alice’s bright eyes and stoic face draw you into each character. She clearly has an incredible and natural talent.


Carrie Kelly Lewis

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands Kelly Lewis


Coraline Kelly Lewis

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Kelly Lewis

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc Kelly Lewis

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Kelly Lewis

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette Kelly Lewis

Margot Tenenbaum

Margot Tenenbaum Kelly Lewis

(via Bored Panda.)

These are all so adorable. She clearly has a bright future in modeling. You can find more of the incredible photography on Kelly’s blog, The Malice of Alice.

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