Watching This Guy Turn Himself Into Creepy Statues Will Give You Nightmares

Being a horror junkie, I have come across all kinds of terrifying photos and videos.

Though many of them have certainly creeped me out, most haven’t actually gotten under my skin and haunted my dreams. That’s because they weren’t even half as unsettling as this freaky performance.

In his work entitled, “Transfiguration,” French artist Olivier de Sagazan sculpts his face into monstrous statues that look like they came straight out of the “Silent Hill” games. When you see it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that I definitely wasn’t expecting to come away this disturbed.

The sounds make it so much worse.

Well, I’ll be lucky if I get any sleep after seeing that. Anyone have a night-light I can borrow?

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LIAR: Did Hillary Clinton seriously say THIS about Benghazi, video? Katie Pavlich skewers with truth

Heh. What was fun? Watching author, Townhall Editor and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich absolutely skewer Hillary Clinton for an outrageous and shameful lie. It started with this:

And then this happened:

WHAT?! It is clear that the one thing Hillary Clinton excels at is lying. Katie Pavlich let her HAVE IT with the hard truth.

The hard and devastating truth.

Huh. Funny that.

And we are still waiting for these answers:

From Hillary? *Crickets.*

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See This Pond? It’s Hiding A Secret That You’re Going To Absolutely Love…. Trust Me.

Preparing your house and property for the summer months can be a daunting task, especially if you need to perform maintenance on your pools or decks. During the spring, some families even decide to add some new features to their yards to be enjoyed in the warmer months. The pond you see below would be a refreshing and beautiful addition to any home during the summer. With the help of David Pagan Butler, many families are finding a new way to add fun features to their yard.

A pond like this would be beautiful and serene.

Not only that, but it attracts amazing wildlife to the yard.

Imagine reclining by this cool water.

And then swimming in it!

What makes David’s ponds so special is that they are actually something called Organic Pools. These are natural swimming pools that allow the growth of wildlife and are environmentally friendly. “The nutrient level in an organic pool is carefully restricted so competition for the limiting nutrient (usually phosphorous) is fierce. In these circumstances, pond plants outperform algae, keeping it suppressed and barely hanging in at the margins. A pond, low in nutrients, is a healthy environment for wildlife. An organic pool is teeming with life.”

The organic pools are created in such a way so that they are safe to swim in, but don’t restrict plant growth.

In fact, the plants and animals that are attracted to the pond stop the growth of algae.

You can purchase guides that help you build your own organic swimming pools.

One of the most important things to remember is that the water is still completely clean and hygienic.

This isn’t your average pool.

If done correctly, the water will be drinking water quality AND benefits the wildlife.

To learn more about David’s Organic Pools, watch this video. If you’re interested in purchasing a DIY DVD about how to make your own pool, click here.

(H/T LifeBuzz) If you have enough space on your property, build an Organic Pool. Not only will you be helping the local wildlife and creating a peaceful place for you and your family to relax… but you’ll be the only person for miles around with a pool like this. Click below to share this awesome new pool idea. Cooling off in the summer should be a fun, enjoyable experience (and not a hot and sweaty drive to the beach).

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‘BREAKING’: Obama took a walk and CNBC was totally on it [pic]!/laKateKate/status/386178367579381760

Yes, really. It’s come to this:!/dorseyshaw/status/386171811257266176

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Behind the scenes at CNBC:!/CNBCMelloy/status/386171560672772096

Next time go with deep investigative coverage of Biden and his Joe-viators. Always a hit:!/jbendery/status/386173581840764928!/Phil_Mattingly/status/386170606174994432

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