Obama campaign ties Romney to ‘pro-rape’ Mourdock; pro-lifers push back


As Twitchy reported earlier today, liberals have been busy today trying to portray Richard Mourdock, Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Indiana, as pro-rape. At a debate in Indiana Tuesday evening, he argued that “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Obama’s surrogates have been pushing the pro-rape narrative hard today, and the official Barack Obama Twitter feed isn’t letting it go either. Pro-lifers are pushing back, however.

Hey @barackobama, why do you suppose God allows bad things to happen? Or do you not believe God is all-powerful?

— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) October 25, 2012

@barackobama Wait, I thought you were a Christian? If you actually were, you’d know God is present at every conception, wanted or otherwise.

— Robert McLaws (@robertmclaws) October 25, 2012

Hey Media (cough, MSNBC; CNN) & @barackobama. ALL children are a gift from God. Could this be what Murdock meant? All Christians agree, btw.

— Esther Fleece (@EstherFleece) October 25, 2012

@barackobama My sister is the product of a date-rape. I am the product of adultery. Did God not intend our conception? Are we mistakes?

— Dwight Watson (@dwightwatson) October 25, 2012

@barackobama Your campaign’s exploitation of an unfortunate, unintended remark displays your ignorance, and nothing more.

— Dwight Watson (@dwightwatson) October 25, 2012

The Obama campaign is convinced that tying Mitt Romney to Mourdock will scuttle his campaign.

RT if you agree: Romney must withdraw his support of Mourdock—who’d force rape victims to bear an attacker’s child as “God intended.”

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) October 25, 2012

The Obama campaign needs a counterbalance against Romney’s extreme anti-woman stance. But who’s available in the Democrat party to stand as a spotless champion of women and defender of lady parts? Look who’s talking now.

Bill Clinton appearing in ad for @barackobama this week youtube.com/watch?feature=…. @mittromney appearing in ad for Mourdock youtube.com/watch?v=PVXKYw…

— Lis Smith (@Lis_Smith) October 24, 2012

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14 Tough Calls Filipino Commuters Make Everyday

Would you rather ride the MRT during rush hour, or literally die?

1. Go to the gym?

Or enjoy the free sauna, courtesy of the jam-packed train?

2. Finish an entire episode of your favorite late night teleserye?

ABS-CBN / Via youtube.com

Or sleep early so you have time to prepare for the commute?

3. Save up for something actually delightful?

Or give it all up for a cab ride?

Bloody hell cab fare

— TrickyAlvin (@Alvin)

4. Dress up nicely for a very important meeting?

Or don’t even bother because the commute will ruin it anyway? Dyahe.

Gusto mo maging black sapatos mo? Gayahin mo ko. Lusong ka sa baha 😂 @LPU

— MRYRSGRT (@Maryendaaa)

5. Take a little time chilling at home?

Just stay at home :[

— iamlilaaa (@Ny. Lee)

Or deal with long queues hanggang sa matubuan ka na ng ugat?

Despite fare hike, commuters still queue for MRT, LRT rides http://t.co/05aTM6GmMH

— gmanews (@GMA News)

6. Take the bus?

Pila ng bus sa Tagbak Terminal sa desperas ng New Year #NewYear #Iloilo http://t.co/iEzMH0bToO via Instagram

— ILOILOTracker (@#ILOILO Tracker)

Or the train?

Ung Feeling Malalate Kana Sa School Pero Nakapila ka parin Sa MRT kahit Mahaba ang Pila XD

— IamYoursJherr (@Jâ–²)

7. Dedicate a prayer to seeing your office crush today?

Fox Searchlight / Via giphy.com

Or that you get to see your office AT ALL?

Good morning, Edsa!

— jerwinsm (@Jerwin Marzan)

8. Make tambay for five hours at SM North Edsa?

Jgh @smnorthedsa 😍 #PraybeytBenjamin2 😍😍

— kristineee31 (@Kristine)

9. Or spend those five hours stuck in traffic at EDSA?

10. Save your bandwidth for some OPM on Spotify?

Or open Waze instead?

11. Make friends via selfie with other commuters?

@VictoryLinerInc Tunay na Joy ride! Enjoy ka na sa pag sakay, mayroon pang pamigay…Victory Liner Iba ka talaga!

— d21agent (@Angelo Gamboa)

Or is it every Filipino for her/himself?

#strugglesofbeingfilipinoeto siksikan sa bus ano sinong sasakay maluwag pa HIYANG-HIYA NMAN AKO SAYO NOH -Mr. Assimo

— ceejhaydiazko (@Cee JhayDiaz)

12. Pick up a refreshing drink for the long ride?

Ang katakam-takam na softdrinks sa plastic. Bow. #childhoodmemories #ItsMoreFunInThePhillipines

— iamsuperpaopao (@Pauline S.)

Or worry about holding it in for hours on the commute?

13. Save your appetite for a real meal at home?

Lutong bahay the best ðŸ‘

— babejel (@Angelica ✨)

Or buy fish crackers and espasol from the manong bus vendor?

Wag na kayo magpaakyat ng mga tindero sa bus. (1/8 lang yan ng pagkain namin kanina) @martinstacruz @aj_mauhay

— jdlumali (@Janille)

14. Actually get off at your bus stop?

@mabeaajose @ajmiranda_ 364 lang pala, Victory Liner yan hahahaha

— AlecBerame (@Alec Berame ✈ï¸)

Or stay onboard and finish a scene from yet another teleserye?

Yung kasabay mo sa bus na pinalipat yung TV sa ABS-CBN dahil sa Got to Believe.. :)) #G2BLast3days

— hoyohoyhoybelat (@Joshua Bren Ebrada)

15. Appreciate the beautiful Manila sunset outside the bus window?

Or just pass out and cuddle with your seatmates?

Sarap ng tulog namin nila @mikeesz at @TheAllenReal sa bus habang bumabyahe sa Baliwag!:))

— JoshRabanal (@JOSHUA RABANAL)

Whatever choices you make, ultimately, you’ll just be like, “Jesus take the wheel na nga.”


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24 Genius Cooking Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like The Next Master Chef

Some people really know their way around a kitchen and can make something delicious out of any ingredients.

For those of us who struggle with cooking or simply want to get even better, we’re here to help. These 24 tips and tricks will make you feel like a master of the kitchen, and you’re sure to get compliments from all of your dinner guests even if those guests are just your family. Check out these genius ideas.

1. Drop a slice of lemon in while hard-boiling eggs to make the shells easy to peel.

2. Throw that onion in the freezer for 15 minutes before cutting for a tear-free experience.

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calls Christina Aguilera a ‘bitch’


British boy band “The Wanted” apparently hates Christina Aguilera. In the following interview, one of the band members called her a “bitch” who’s “nothing special.”

The Wanted say that Christina Aguilera is a bitch!? Wow that's real shit right there!

— nats (@natalieantonica) April 27, 2012

The Wanted have called Christina Aguilera a total bitch. That's ironic coming from a group who've agreed to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

— serialmatrix (@serialmatrix) April 27, 2012

Most tweeters were surprised the band wanted to start a war with somebody as popular as Christina Aguilera, but few disagreed with their opinion of her.

Wow I can't believed The Wanted talk shit about Christina Aguilera. What did she ever do to you to call her a total bitch? SMH!

— ♛ Rob ♛ (@roblouisx) April 27, 2012

I don't see why everyone's hating on The Wanted for calling Christina Aguilera a bitch. She IS a bitch

— JOEY ☮ (@joey_hoskins) April 27, 2012

The wanted christina aguilera isn't fazed by you calling her a bitch. She might be a total bitch. She's my bitch you were on her show anyway

— Brian-Ryan (@thebrianryan) April 27, 2012

We have to wonder if The Wanted won’t eventually regret making the hateful comments. Calling Aguilera a “nothing special bitch” didn’t sit well with her fans.

To end off, The Wanted, I lost my respect for you when you called a living legend, Christina Aguilera a bitch. I'm disgusted by y'all ok.

— ♡ Natalie ♡ (@natahdecoco) April 27, 2012

I like The Wanted, but calling Christina Aguilera "bitch" is presumptuous .. they are nothing compared to her. -K

— International Noobs (@International1D) April 27, 2012

I knew I didn't like The Wanted. Twats calling Christina Aguilera a bitch and 'nothing special'. Don't deserve to breath the same air.

— Megan Alice Ward (@MeganAliceWard) April 27, 2012

Umm so The Wanted called Christina Aguilera "bitch"&"nothing special" LOL someone needs to cut their wings off & get them back to the earth.

— International Noobs (@International1D) April 27, 2012

The wanted called Christina aguilera a bitch?! So unprofessional !! they should have just kept it to themselves. #Unwanted

— ShinChan (@xTimeOfMyLifexx) April 27, 2012

gutted that Christina Aguilera was bitch to The Wanted, I like worship the ground she walks on, cry cry

— Queen Nat-ifah (@fatalienatalie) April 27, 2012

The interview did at least gain them ONE fan…

I only know one song by The Wanted, but one of them shouted out "SHE'S A BITCH" during an interview about Christina Aguilera. I'm in love.

— lisa simpson (@CarolynTheKiddo) April 27, 2012

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Drudge headlines, quote put rodeo clown flap in snarky nutshell [pic]




Yep. Distressingly so.

As Twitchy has reported, the outcry over the Obama-mask-wearing rodeo clown has been full of idiocy. How dare anyone slightly mock The One? Because racist! Or whatever. Serious You Guys!

Other Twitter users, including the always great Dennis Miller, help sum it all up:





Priorities: NAACP wants Eric Holder, Secret Service to probe rodeo clown thoroughly

Free speech win! In response to rodeo clown crisis, Glenn Beck offers #MockObamaDay [pics]

Truth in comedy! Dennis Miller spots the difference between Obama and a rodeo clown

‘Crisis averted’: Mo. State Fair permanently bans Obama mask-wearing rodeo clown

Smash! Dana Loesch pulverizes Dems, media over #MOStateFair racist rodeo clown idiocy

Claire McCaskill calls rodeo event featuring clown in Obama mask ‘shameful’; Some blame Tea Party

Because racist! Actor James Woods slams Obama, race-baiters with one hilarious pic

Full Twitchy coverage of Drudge

Full Twitchy coverage of Dennis Miller

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Texas Attorney General sues Obama administration over abortion ruling


From Reuters:

The filing of the lawsuit comes as both Republican officials in Texas and the Obama administration have expressed regret that poor women in the state who depend on the health services could be hurt by the escalating political fight.

“This is about life and the rule of law, which Texas respects and the Obama administration does not,” Texas Governor Rick Perry, a former Republican presidential candidate, said in a statement on Friday.

The lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican, is against Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who was appointed by President Barack Obama, and against her agency.

The federal suit argues the agency acted illegally and in a manner that was arbitrary and capricious when it decided to terminate funding for the Texas Women’s Health Program, which serves more than 100,000 low-income women, due to Texas law that prohibits funding of entities that promote or perform abortions.

Some Tweets:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott ‘On the Record’: Watch our interview and sound off below! http://t.co/UXy8iJug

— Greta Van Susteren (@gretawire) March 13, 2012


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/03/17/texas-attourney-general-sues-obama-administration-over-abortion-ruling/