Oliver North not alone in outrage over Benghazi


A week of closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee has Benghazi back in the headlines, and to Oliver North and others, it does still make a difference how four brave Americans died during a terrorist attack.


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15 Charming Edinburgh Bookshops You Must See Before You Die

Get lost in a good book(shop).

1. Armchair Books


Stuffed floor to ceiling with illustrated antiques and secondhand gems, Armchair Books is the definitive bookshop of your dreams.

2. The Fruit Market Gallery

The Fruit Market Gallery combines contemporary art and literature for a high-concept experience.

3. Golden Hare Books


Go down Golden Hare Books’ rabbit hole to increase your reading list ten-fold. The charming shop features novels, children’s books, and design readers.

4. Cabaret Antiques, Curios & Books


Find hidden treasures for your bookshelf and your wardrobe at Cabaret.

5. McNaughtan’s Bookshop & Gallery

Snuggled a level below the street, stumbling on McNaughtan’s feels like uncovering buried treasure – which you might just do while browsing their antique books.

6. Edinburgh Books


It will take you days to get through the expansive collection of second-hand and antiquarian books in Edinburgh Books’ four rooms and basement.

7. Till’s Bookshop


The friendly Till’s Bookshop is filled to the brim with titles ranging from science fiction to law.

8. Word Power Books


Word Power is an extensive independent bookshop dedicated to providing a small-business alternative to big, corporate sellers.

9. Looking Glass Books

The Alice in Wonderland-inspired café/bookshop combo at Looking Glass Books is the epitome of cosy, and perfect for bookworms who want to bond with a book before buying.

10. The Edinburgh Bookshop


The charming Edinburgh Bookshop is a haven for readers of all tastes and genres, and features plenty of events and signings.

11. Elvis Shakespeare Books & Records


Book and music lovers will be at home at Elvis Shakespeare, where you can browse vinyls, books, and if you’re lucky, catch an impromptu concert or recording session.

12. Southside Books


For a cheap read and a cosy browse, Southside Books is the place to. The towers of books and stuffed shelves give the place a homey, mysterious feel.

13. Summerhall Bookshop


Summerhall is the heart of Edinburgh’s many cultural festivals, and has many permanent fixtures, including charming a bookshop and library.

14. The Old Children’s Bookshelf

The Old Children’s Bookshelf is cute as can be, and browsing through will bring you back to your childhood and beyond.

15. Old Town Bookshop


Old Town Bookshop is a bookworm’s dream – with editions dating back to the 1600s and a variety of genres as well as maps and art, you won’t be able to help yourself.

Check out the Edinburgh Bookshop Trail app to find more tucked away havens for book lovers.


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I am not vindictive against Tatas: Mamata – Times of India

The Trinamool government of West Bengal is not vindictive against the Tatas, said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee after the Supreme Court quashed the land acquisition deal in Singur on Wednesday. A meeting will be held on Thursday to work out a mechanism to return land to the land owners.

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Ted Cruz’s opponents crawl back into his dorm room closet

Daniel Scavino Jr.,senior adviser of Donald J. Trump for President,passed along ascathinginside look at Sen. Ted Cruz’s college years last night, with the help ofThe Daily Caller, which compiled a list of recent tweets by Cruz’s freshman roomate, Craig Mazin.

Mazin, who brought us the classics “Scary Movie 3” and “Scary Movie 4,” went on a multiple-day Twitter rant against Cruz. Here’s a sample:

Google tells us the definition of backpfeifengesicht is “aface that’s begging to be slapped.”

Scavino says that other classmates of Cruz are tweeting similar impressions.

It’s awfully funny to hear from Cruz’s college contemporaries again. It’s been done. Anyone paying attention to the media’s coverageof Cruz already knows the pattern on Cruz’s college bathrobe:when Cruz was running for senator in 2012, it was The Daily Beast that tracked down any classmate who would trash him, with writerPatricia Murphy asking, “Can a master debater who wore a paisley bathrobe to creepily stroll by the womens wing of the dorm be the next president?”

That very serious expos led reader Erick Erickson to conclude, “Thanks to the Daily Beast, we now know more about @SenTedCruz in college than Barack Obama in college.”

It wasn’t able to keep him from the Senate, but will the paisley bathrobe manage to sink Cruz’s presidential campaign?

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#EarthToParis: Actor who pitched super-great Iran deal promotes climate change summit

If you ignore the “death to America” chants, the Ayatollah Khamenei’s violent imagery, continued threats to Israel and the fact that U.S. citizens remain hostages of Iran, the nuclear deal that Jack Black & pals promoted has worked out just great!

Next up, the “School of Rock” actor sets his sights on the upcoming U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris:

Saving the planet from the threat posed by fossil fuels is such an important cause that President Obama will fly thousands of miles to be there.

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You won’t believe what this shameful Texas Dem said at Wendy Davis event


Yes, it did.

Oh, yes, it’s real. And it is not spectacular: It is shameful and shameless. Check out what an oh-so-classy Dem state representative said at a recent Wendy Davis campaign event:

More from the Daily Caller:

“And then we have this guy who kind of just rolls around thinking that he can get tort reform for himself but take it away from everybody else in the state of Texas,” said state representative Dawnna Dukes at the event which was held Saturday in Pflugerville, just east of Austin.

Dukes’ remarks were filmed and uploaded to YouTube.


Just when you think they can’t sink any lower.

And an excellent exit question:


Twitchy coverage of Wendy Davis

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