Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez Takes Aim At Susan Rice In AIPAC Speech

Last week, White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to the United State “destructive of the fabric of the relationship.” In his address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Monday, Sen. Menendez earned a standing ovation from the crowd when he refuted Rice’s comments. Rice had previously addressed the crowd.

“I must disagree with those who say the prime minister’s visit to the United States is destructive to U.S.-Israel relations,” the New Jersey Democrat said.

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This Is The Coolest Way To Load A Box Into A Truck. Forklift Fans, Prepare Yourselves.

These forklift drivers came up with a very innovative way to load a box into the very back of a container… not the safest way, mind you. Still, who needs safety when you have skills like these.

(Source: Lulu Tang) Now I just want to see the continuation video when that box gets unloaded. Share these not-so safety conscious forklift drivers with your friends below.

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Boom! Dennis Miller puts Incognito ‘bullying’ scandal in perspective!/djwolf76/status/400085011379924993


The always awesome Dennis Miller had another idea for a sticking-its-nose-in response from the Obama administration on the Miami Dolphins “bullying” scandal.!/DennisDMZ/status/399926120088219648



Giggling madly. Twitter users breathlessly waited for Costas to weigh in during Sunday Night Football, but he didn’t deliver. Will he this week? Stay tuned.

Miller earlier asked a penetrating question that gives some perspective.!/DennisDMZ/status/398828699006406656



Heh: Sunday Night Football fans waited for Bob Costas Incognito lecture; Did he deliver?

‘Who texts another dude 1,142 times?’: Fox interviews Richie Incognito, reveals texts

Richie Incognito, now suspended from Dolphins, quotes Buddha

Report: Miami Dolphins veteran players routinely extract money from rookie teammates

Full Twitchy coverage of Dennis Miller

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