‘Can’t wait for this one’! Dana Loesch reveals cover of upcoming book [pic]


Dana Loesch has a message for all the gun grabbers out there: Don’t mess with the Second Amendment — or with her:


Loesch, via The Blaze:

“Gun control is the ultimate war on women. Firearms are the equalizer between the sexes. Sam Colt made us equal, indeed. This book explores that, the racist roots of gun control, and debunks the biggest arguments made by anti-gun extremists. The AR is on the cover because it is the most vilified, misunderstood rifle in America, responsible for the fewest crimes. Education is the antidote to ignorance. Consider this book the medicine.”

Oh. Yes.


@DLoesch, really nice cover!! Been waiting to see this, and I wasn't disappointed 🙂
Dana's new book (this fall)!— R.O.C.K. in the USSA (@ROCKInTheUSSA) June 12, 2014


According to The Blaze, the book is set to come out on October 21. Get some!



Twitchy coverage of Dana Loesch

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If You Don’t Believe in Miracles, You Should Probably See This.

A woman driving in the Jiangsu Province of China survived an accident that no one else would have been able to. A container on a semi fell over, crushing her car. Onlookers believed her to be dead… and rescue workers were SHOCKED when they heard her cry for help.

By looking at the photo of the crash, you would think the woman in the car died.

Miraculously, she did not. In fact, she was unhurt.

Onlookers couldn’t believe what they saw. The woman underneath the container was all right.

Rescue workers hurried to free her from her crushed vehicle, stunned whenever she was able to cry for help.

A crane had to lift the container off of her body.

She survived something absolutely incredible.

She stunned onlookers by walking from the fatal-looking scene.

The only thing that died that day was her trusty Nissan.

It’s a miracle she survived this crash – and it’s absolutely unbelievable that she walked away from it.


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It’s National Lobster Day!


In case you didn’t know (and we’re sure you didn’t) today is National Lobster Day!!! As you can imagine, there was so much excitement surrounding this holiday that EVERYONE was tweeting about it.

Happy National Lobster Day!

— Danielle WAAF (@DanielleWAAF) June 15, 2012

National Lobster Day? Count-me-in!

— Nina Garcia (@ninagarcia) June 15, 2012


Today is National Lobster Day. Can't beat 'em split and grilled! #SandyClaws

— Mark S. Verbin (@docvarmint) June 15, 2012

It's National Lobster Day…does this mean we eat one or save one?

— Erika Tsang (@ErikaTsang) June 15, 2012

I feel crabby, however. RT @Noonz: Today is apparently National Lobster Day.

— James G. Cobb (@NYTjamescobb) June 15, 2012

National Lobster Day? It's time to celebrate, bring out the dancing lobsters!

— bRITTANY (@tardisassemble) June 15, 2012


Happy National Lobster Day, Nice dipped in melted butter.

— Flamer (@Flamer73) June 15, 2012

Anyone else celebrating National Lobster Day? Think I might grab a lobster maki roll for lunch.

— ケン チャン Ken (@chef17) June 15, 2012

I've only just found out its National Lobster Day! Shame – I could have lived it up in style…

— Jo Verrent (@joverrent) June 15, 2012

It's National Lobster Day. Other crustaceans don't get their own national day, which I think is a bit shellfish.

— Ben Thompson (@Benny2Ts) June 15, 2012

Since it's National Lobster Day I think lobster should be buy one pound get one free.

— Chandler Reich (@chandlerreich) June 15, 2012

Happy National Lobster Day! May you celebrate it with those that you hold dear, as it was intended so many years ago.

— Allie Mac Kay (@alliemackay) June 15, 2012


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Chill out, gramps! Bernie Sanders shakes his crotchety fists at … ATM fees

Festivus may be over, but Bernie Sanders still has plenty of grievances to air. Like this one:

Five bucks? Which ATMs are you using, Bernie?

Yeah, well, that must mean you’re not in tune with everyday Americans like Bernie is. See, ATMs are only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more that sucks about America:


But seriously. Bernie’s got a lotta nerve complaining about the high cost of a service he thinks should be “free.”For a socialist, he doesn’t seem to have a very firm grasp on what socialism actually entails.

He could save himself a lot of trouble in the future if he’d just keep his musings to himself. And save us a lot of trouble if he’d retire already.

Bam. Feel that, Bern.

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First to break Grammys no-sideboob rule: Miley Cyrus


Last night Miley Cyrus showed off a side-boob in an Emilio Pucci black silk chiffon halterneck gown. Eeek or Chiiic? twitter.com/ThePlatformYT/…

— The Platform (@ThePlatformYT) February 10, 2013

Can’t say we’re surprised. Before hanging with blunt-wielding Wiz Kalifa late last night, former Disney princess Miley Cyrus showed up at a pre-Grammy event  spilling out of her dress.

Making a sideboob of herself! Miley Cyrus shows off more than she bargained for i… #MailOnline bit.ly/WafLCg twitter.com/titdemon84/sta…

— sab ✨ (@titdemon84) February 10, 2013

Looks like Miley Cyrus broke the no sideboob rule at the #Grammys then… plus Katy Perry, Cher Lloyd and MORE on.sugarsca.pe/Xna5pQ

— Sugarscape (@sugarscape) February 10, 2013

Miley Cyrus shows off major sideboob at Grammys pre-party, better not flout … – Yahoo! omg! UK dlvr.it/2wn7Q8

— Miley Cyrus share (@MileyCyrusshare) February 10, 2013

Miley already getting flak for her sideboob at a Grammy pre-party. Sideboob or not, from the front that dress looked AMAZING.

— Kendra Lynne (@kendralynneee) February 10, 2013

Guess she didn’t get the CBS memo. Or maybe she smoked it. Stay tuned for more inevitable rule-breaking tonight.

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