Road map for Kudankulam units 3,4 by year-end: Putin – Times of India

In a sign that the country’s nuclear power plans have their best chance of succeeding at Kudankulam, Russia is all set to sign the general framework agreement for construction of third and the fourth units of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) in Tamil Nadu by the end of 2016.

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Joan Walsh fantasizes Romney undergoes transvaginal ultrasound; Updated!/joanwalsh/status/249234489954410496

Keeping it classy, huh, Joan? Today’s daily emetic is brought to you by Salon’s editor at large, and super classy broad, Joan Walsh.

So… @joanwalsh is a weirdo.

— RB (@RBPundit) September 21, 2012

And “weirdo” is putting it mildly. Another liberal dame obsessed with girly bits.

@joanwalsh You are one sick woman

— L W Eaton (@lweatonNC) September 21, 2012

This time, with more creepy and sick  fantasy. By the way, leftist women keep telling us that a transvaginal ultrasound is the same as rape. So, is she have a sick rape fantasy now? Or do they only absurdly and shamefully equate it to rape when they can use and abuse women?


Aww, poor Joan responds and tries to make a funny and repeat the tiresome “war on women” nonsense.

My #tcot followers are HORRIFIED by my mention of a transvaginal ultrasound. Now they'll all oppose laws that force them on women! Whew!

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) September 21, 2012

She fails.

@joanwalsh I think we're just surprised you didn't write it on your hands and put it on instagram.

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 21, 2012

Zing! Is a creepy cult #ForAll photo next? Try to outdo Messina and Axelrod, if you dare, Joan!

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This Plane Crash Was Tragic, But The Cockpit Recording Is Even More Horrifying

Statistically speaking, flying is the safest way to travel.

Still, many of us live in constant fear of the possibility of a plane crash. There were probably a few folks aboard Western Airlines Flight 2605 feeling the exact same way when it crashed while approaching Mexico City in 1979.

The crash occurred after the pilots made a mistake and landed the plane on a runway that was closed for maintenance. Even more tragic is that the pilots realized their mistake in the final moments before impact.

However, their fate was sealed when one of the plane’s wheels struck a truck that was parked on the runway. Their final seconds were captured in a shocking cockpit recording that was recovered after the crash.

Consider yourself warned, because this is pretty gut-wrenching stuff.

It’s amazing how disturbing a 28-second recording can be.

The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 crashed at Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport in the early morning.

(via Reddit)

Of the 88 people on board, only 16 walked away. One person on the ground was also killed. The most likely cause of the accident was determined to be “Non-compliance with the meteorological minima for the approach procedure, as cleared; failure to comply with the aircraft’s operating procedures during the approach phase, and landing on a runway closed to traffic.

We all make mistakes, but it’s so tragic when the mistakes of a few people take so many lives.

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DC’s DuPont Circle ‘stuffed with humans’ watching US/Germany game [pics]!/meljos50/status/482195929366532096

A World Cup watch party hosted by the German embassy in Washington, DC has DuPont Circle packed with people watching the USA/Germany game that’s under way in Brazil:!/TheFix/status/482188536024956928!/OdigieOwen/status/482195404864622592!/silvergreek/status/482194121072062464!/moonstompmaggie/status/482195069496070144



‘Just ruined it for me:’ Fans not happy with US Soccer’s White House Twitter promo

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