Rep. Gwen Moore: GOP trying to ‘punish’ America for electing Obama!/mikememoli/status/384146992915423232

As nerves continued to fray on the floor of the House (perhaps held together only by some liquid refreshment), Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wisc.) took only one minute to lay out the truth behind the continuing resolution standoff: the GOP wants only to punish the people of the United States for electing Barack Obama as president.!/wrtnshuda/status/384147464929832960!/ThePiercedBear/status/384147540578689024!/avantisempre/status/384147421296881664

Judging from tonight’s #ShutdownQuestions hashtag game, though, the American people don’t really seem to perceive a government shutdown “punishment.” Obamacare? Yes.

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She Was Dumped Right Before Her Wedding, So She Did Something Awesome With Her Dress

Being dumped right before your wedding has to be the most devastating thing ever, but that was the sad reality for Kilee Manulak. Her engagement of two years ended with a text message from her fiancé saying that he no longer wanted to marry her.

But what could she do with the wedding dress that was already picked out and purchased? It was too late for her to return it, so she decided to do something cathartic with the gown.

Manulak took her bridesmaids to the Color Fun Fest in Tampa, and they all wore their respective dresses.

She found it fitting to destroy her dress at the music festival.

The hilarious crew splattered paint all over everything.

It had to be incredibly cathartic to destroy it!

To hear more of this awesome story, check out the video below:

(via NBC News)

What a perfect way to end that relationship and begin moving in the right direction. Way to go, Kilee! Here’s hoping that the next guy is more worthy of your love than the last.

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For Everyone Who Misses The White And Gold Dress

I was young and foolish and now I can’t go back.

1. Remember the first moment you saw the dress? You didn’t understand what the debate was about. It was clearly white and gold.

2. You were pretty chuffed that you were in the majority, i.e. clearly right.

3. But people around you insisted it was blue and black and you were like WUT.

4. You stared at the dress for hours, waiting to see WTF they were talking about.

5. You could KINDA see the blue – MAYBE – but the black MADE NO SENSE AT ALL.

6. Even when confronted with the cold, hard truth that the dress is, in fact, blue and black, all you saw when you looked at the original image was your trusty white and gold.


7. And then, just like that, EVERYTHING CHANGED.


— JennaGuillaume (@Jenna Guillaume)

8. Suddenly, you saw the blue and black, and you understood the truth.

I’m Seeing Blue And Black, As Of Now

— officialjaden (@Jaden Smith)

9. It was like you were seeing for the very first time.


10. And you didn’t understand how you saw the white and gold at all because now literally all you could see was blue and black.

11. How could the same eyes see two such totally different things?!?!?!


12. And suddenly you found yourself staring at the dress again, trying to go back to how you saw it before.

I don’t believe anything anymore. THE DRESS has ruined my trust in all things. I’ll never love again.

— MattBellassai (@Matt Bellassai)

13. Because you didn’t respect the white and gold dress enough, and now it’s gone from your life forever.

14. It’s too late. The world is blue and black now. And nothing will ever make sense again.

New Line Cinema

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