Jon Voight causes splash at RNC!/ExJon/status/240484321687900161

Yes, we still love our celebrities.

"Guys, guys it's that older actor, Jon Voight. He's here! He was in that movie Anaconda!" – excited delegate @ RNC #tcot

— Max Handelman (@maxhandelman) August 28, 2012

Looks like Jon Voight still has fans in lib media==> #gop2012 #rnc2012

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) August 28, 2012

Jon Voight still has star power. He was surrounded everywhere he went today.

Famous Republican Jon Voight signs a baseball for a small business owner. #rnc2012 #rncsugar

— POPSUGAR Love (@POPSUGARLove) August 28, 2012

He dropped in on — erm — crashed the Google hangout.

That moment when Jon Voight visits the Google Hang-Out (where reporters are taking Google's coffee).

— Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) August 28, 2012

John Voight just crashed our @Google hangout! #GOP2012

— 2012 GOP Convention (@GOPconvention) August 28, 2012

He came out swinging against Obama:

Jon Voight: 'Obama controls MEDIA just like Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.'

— Hardline Stance (@Hardline_Stance) August 28, 2012

Jon Voight: Obama administration has ‘endangered Israel’

— Dana Jones (@DanaJones16) August 28, 2012

Midnight Cowboy score Jon Voight hosts an eons long scrum in which he calls Obama a commie, etc.

— Sarah Boesveld (@sarahboesveld) August 28, 2012

John Voight on `Marxist' Obama: Romney Will `Right the Ship' – at Political Capital @BloombergNews #2012

— Mark Silva (@NewsmanSilva) August 28, 2012

Jon Voight says we live in a Communist country. #rnc #markpeterson #VOIGHT

— GQ Politics (@GQPolitics) August 28, 2012

He skipped the important questions, though:

All these folks at the Jon Voight GOP presser: Ask him to explain the plot of "Mission Impossible."

— Alex Parker (@AlexParkerDC) August 28, 2012

And no, he has no details on the wedding of daughter Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt.

Press asking impt Qs 🙂 RT @DaviSusan: "I don't have any news about the wedding." -Jon Voight to reporters on daughter Angelina Jolie.

— Emily Pierce (@emilykpierce) August 28, 2012

He did make a comment that left people scratching their heads.

"Are you Jewish, Karen?" Jon Voight asks reporter named Karen Rubin. "I like the Jewish people."

— Matt Viser (@mviser) August 28, 2012


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Jenna Fischer ‘kinda freaked’ after reading Texas abortion legislation!/jennafischer/status/355504949251158016

Actress Jenna Fischer of “The Office” will be watching the Texas Senate tomorrow as it votes on the abortion legislation that passed the House on Tuesday. The shorthand way to describe H.B. 2 is to say that it would ban abortions after 20 weeks, but Fischer decided to prepare by reading the bill that has so many camped in Austin to protest.!/jennafischer/status/355498984544022529!/jennafischer/status/355501289259536385

… and chants. And coat hangers. And shouts of “Hail Satan!”!/jennafischer/status/355503600971153409!/jennafischer/status/355517963094343681!/jennafischer/status/355521111418605568!/jennafischer/status/355523805650747392

That’s understandable, and a nice change from the attitude of having to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.!/jennafischer/status/355532120426422273!/jennafischer/status/355536610131050496

Fischer had plenty of other questions as well and, after plenty of back and forth with followers, uncovered the truth of just about all legislation, seemingly.!/jennafischer/status/355539778994839552!/jennafischer/status/355540133115727872

Limits to legal abortion? That sounds dangerously close to “war on women” territory.!/jennafischer/status/355541123810344960

Fischer continued on Friday morning, venturing into the fetal pain debate:!/jennafischer/status/355665291927224320!/jennafischer/status/355668986849001472!/jennafischer/status/355672085902790656!/jennafischer/status/355678066586042368

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Shower head made by ‘lonely guy’ is ‘going to give me nightmares’ [photo]!/DoreenHDickson/status/493514936220655617

Are you ready?

Here goes:!/GPollowitz/status/493515628448190464

Oh my.!/BiasedGirl/status/493518897916547072

It’s a shower head. An incredibly creepy shower head.!/BiasedGirl/status/493519091810848771

The photo came via the New York Post, which even has a video on how to create one, for those so inclined to make visitors never come over again:!/WheresMeJumper/status/493515670832037889

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What to expect at the NFL owners’ meeting!/washingtonpost/status/183996197176999936

When the NFL owners hold their annual winter meeting in Palm Beach, FL Monday morning, there will likely be a large gulf between what the owners talk about and what the fans and media want them to talk about. The big stories of the past couple months have been the New Orleans Saints’ bounty program, that may reach into other clubs as the investigation continues, and the substantial penalties assessed to the salary caps of the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. Both teams have filed grievances that will go to arbitration and, if the situation isn’t resolved to the teams’ satisfactions, they could file lawsuits.

Those stories are not expected to consume nearly as much time as several new rule change proposals. The first would reckon the regular season overtime rules to those currently used in the postseason. In other words, if you liked Jeff Triplett’s explanation of the rules in the playoffs last year, you could get a lot more of it. The other change is like unto the first, in that you’ll spend a lot more time heading to the fridge while the officials figure out what is going on.

The instant-replay proposal would make all plays with a turnover automatically reviewed, without a team having to use one of its challenges. The league previously made all scoring plays subject to such automatic replay reviews. A separate proposal would have all replay rulings being made by the replay official in the booth, instead of by the referee on the field.

Given that, last year, each team averaged a bit more than 1.5 takeaways each game, we can expect that this new rule will result in 3 more times a game will completely stop while an official, either on the field or in the booth, reviews what is usually a clear-cut play.

But perhaps this will be a good thing. More stoppages in play mean more chances to get into the game-day snacks and check what else is on television. So perhaps the league has gotten so confident in its product that it’s willing to lose some of its audience to hockey or all-day Finding Sasquatch marathons on Animal Planet. That’s bound to make the sport stronger, right?

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