La Raza isn’t happy with President Obama’s delay on immigration reform!/exjon/status/508258075632230400

But he promised!!/ananavarro/status/508337397516750849

Yes, they really thought this:!/SeanArther/status/508403261359915008

Hey, he’s got two more years. Give the president a break!!/foxnation/status/508069724119638016

And here’s the press release from Janet Murguía, president and CEO of La Raza!/JMurguia_NCLR/status/508349692284268545

Don’t worry, Janet. President Obama has promised to do something as soon as the election is over. Why don’t you believe him?


Jose Antonio Vargas: What would Ted Kennedy ‘make of’ Obama delaying immigration action?

Expected: White House says no move on immigration until after November elections

Jobs, immigration, Obamacare, plastic bags figure in California governor’s debate


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Which Girl Scout Cookie Is Your One True Love?

Because money can buy you love.

    1. Because you’re good with your hands.

    2. Because you’re a night owl.

    3. Because food is your bae.

    1. Because you’re a shopaholic.

    2. Because you’re pretty.

    3. Because you’re a dreamer.

    1. Weintraub Entertainment Group


    2. Weintraub Entertainment Group


    3. Weintraub Entertainment Group


    1. Weintraub Entertainment Group


    2. Weintraub Entertainment Group


    3. Weintraub Entertainment Group


    1. ABC

      Mr. Feeny

    2. ABC

      Steve Urkel

    3. ABC


    1. CBS


    2. FOX


    3. ABC


    1. John Ruthroff / Getty Images

      Michael Jordan

    2. Ian Gavan / Getty Images

      David Beckham

    3. Hulton Archive / Getty Images

      John F. Kennedy

    1. Zade Rosenthal / Getty Images

      Richard Gere

    2. Jim Watson / Getty Images


    3. Getty Images

      Harrison Ford

Which Girl Scout Cookie Is Your One True Love?

  1. You got: Thin Mints

    There’s nothing that satisfies you like a chocolate, minty blast in your mouth. You’re not into gimmicks when comes to love– you’re one to fall for simplicity. Chilled in the fridge or out, Thin Mints are the crisp wafers for you.

  2. You got: Samoas

    You WISH your wedding ring was a Samoa– in fact, you WISH you could marry a Samoa because they’re just that freakin’ delicious. When you’re done with a box of Samoas, there isn’t one crumb left, because you make sure to swallow every last piece of every last cookie.

  3. You got: Tagalongs

    Tagalongs have been your bae every since day one. Whether it’s laying in your bed or sneaking them into a movie with you, there’s nothing you’d rather be doing than spending time with your mouthwatering Tagalongs.

  4. You got: Trefoils

    There’s nothing you want more in life than to be spoiled by Trefoils. People often shame you for your “boring” choice in cookie, but they don’t understand the delicious beauty in shortbread. But you know what? Let them hate… MORE FOR YOU.

  5. You got: Savannah Smiles

    You may have never been to Savannah, but you sure do love its Smiles. There’s no such thing as a “quickie” with your cookie. When you meet up with your Savannah Smiles, you enjoy every last piece until there’s powered sugar all over your face and fingers. Nothing beats your zesty lemon bae.

  6. You got: Do-Si-Dos

    Every time you put a Do-Si-Do in your mouth, your body goes wild. The crunchy oatmeal peanut butter combo is enough to leave you paralyzed for the whole day– or at least until the box is empty.

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Supporters plan Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day against contraceptive mandate!/deaf_erin/status/287332564719509504

Gov. Mike Huckabee, who got the ball rolling on last August’s wildly successful Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, has a new cause. Tomorrow, Jan. 5, is Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day, and more than 42,000 have signed up to attend via the event’s Facebook page.

Stand with Hobby Lobby in their fight for freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Find out more at

— Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) January 3, 2013

Obama admin. insists that companies like Hobby Lobby bow their knees to the God of govt healthcare mandates

— Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) January 4, 2013

As Twitchy reported, Hobby Lobby faces fines of up to $1.3 million per day for refusing to comply with the Obamacare mandate that it provide employees with contraceptive coverage, including morning-after pills. In an open letter, Hobby Lobby CEO David Green noted that more than a thousand companies have been granted Obamacare waivers.

Our government threatens to fine job creators in a bad economy. Our government threatens to fine a company that’s raised wages four years running. Our government threatens to fine a family for running its business according to its beliefs. It’s not right. I know people will say we ought to follow the rules; that it’s the same for everybody. But that’s not true. The government has exempted thousands of companies from this mandate, for reasons of convenience or cost. But it won’t exempt them for reasons of religious belief.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Dec. 26 denied Hobby Lobby’s request for an emergency injunction to block the mandate pending a hearing, arguing that the company is not a religious organization but a for-profit business.

Supporters are hoping their participation tomorrow will send a message.

Happy New Years! As of Jan 1st, Hobby Lobby incurs $1.3 million in fines each day from the Obama administration for not killing babies.

— Tom Helander (@Lampstand49) January 4, 2013

I urge you to stand against the assult on freedom of conscience & religion. #tommorow. Here’s how:

— Rick Warren (@RickWarren) January 4, 2013

Hobby Lobby tomorrow:

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) January 4, 2013

Hobby Lobby pays their employees $13/hr, which is WAY above minimum wage. And yet they’re freaking evil bc they oppose providing BC. #stfu

— Texas Red (@jswifty250) December 30, 2012

Praying for #DavidGreen. Thank you Lord for Daniels in our midst. May we be faithful to stand with them as they stand for You. #hobbylobby

— Patty Fortner (@PattyFortner) January 4, 2013

Support Hobby lobby tomorrow..stand up against BHO”s Oppression

— paul rothschild (@mrrothschild) January 4, 2013

Jan 5 is Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day!! Support this great store for standing up for right!! Pass it on!

— Yvonne Tunks Wilson (@YvonneWilson6) January 1, 2013

Help #HobbyLobby fight the #HHSmandate – visit!

— Joe Grabowski (@ArthurInglewood) December 31, 2012

Huck:If Hobby Lobby’s forced to eat the king’s meat&bow on their knees to human govt,how long’ll it be before they come for YOU&YOUR FAMILY?

— K. C. Boyd (@KCBoyd3) January 4, 2013

Christians should be thankful for David Green’s leadership and the example he is setting.Don’t give up Mr. Green!

— Jonathan Francis (@J_Francis_) January 4, 2013

As with Papa John’s Pizza, Applebee’s and others, Obamacare supporters have rumbled about a boycott, accusing businesses of caring less about their employees’ health than about profit.

David Green CEO Hobby Lobby thinks his retail business is a churchI feel bad for his employees, he assumes they’re his wives #religion 👎

— Cheaptarts (@Cheaptarts) January 4, 2013

CEO David Green Hobby Lobby a #GOP #oldwhiteguy 71 yrs OLDHe’s using religion as an excuse not provide #Obamacare benefits for women #$

— Cheaptarts (@Cheaptarts) January 4, 2013

The very real threat of millions in fines, though, would seem to indicate that Hobby Lobby and others are prepared to go out of business rather than compromise on abortion. One “appreciation day” can’t possibly offset that sort of loss, but will it send a message?

@buckyball360 I don’t think Hobby Lobby is going to win this one. Our government doesn’t care abt religious freedom anymore. Prayers for USA

— Jason (@Kaundart) January 4, 2013

Mom just told me that all the Hobby Lobby’s are probably going to close. All because of STUPID OBAMACARE

— Kate Brooks (@KateBrooks_5) January 4, 2013

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Heh: ‘1984’ anniversary nears; Snark scores early!/Gabby_Hoffman/status/342667465072984064

Some are celebrating the anniversary of Orwell’s classic “1984” a tad early.!/BradThor/status/342666237840596992

Thursday or Saturday, this zinger may have already won the award for the best anniversary tweet.!/NYKensington/status/342651994059718657


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Lame: WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin calls Ted Cruz ‘the Carlos Danger of the Right’

Does she ever! Here’s what she’s been up to today:

Sigh. Even if she’s not actually suggesting that Ted Cruz is equivalent to a serial perv who sexts with underage girls, it’s still a ridiculous stupid thing to say. As is this:

Seriously? Give it a rest, would you Jen?

Oh, snap.

And speaking of Harry Reid:

Right? Reid is an alleged pederast, after all.

(Hat tip: @DocWashburn)



WaPo’s Jen Rubin tells ‘extremist’ DeMint good riddance, Mark Levin tells her to ‘go to hell’

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‘Wtf was that?’ Howard Stern leaves mark on Goodell presser [Vine]

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s press conference wasn’t going terribly well. Platitudes and monotones make for a pretty dull time. Until …


— T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) September 19, 2014

Wtf was that? #Goodell news conference weirdness.

— COGoddess ™ (@coloradorebecca) September 19, 2014

Viewers suddenly snapped awake:

Protester removed screaming "don't take me to the elevator" #NFL

— BiasedGirl (@BiasedGirl) September 19, 2014

@seanagnew Not the elevator! @BiasedGirl

— Kemberlee Kaye (@KemberleeKaye) September 19, 2014

.@bronk RT @WillBrinson: Man screams "DONT TAKE ME TO AN ELEVATOR" at Goodell presser

— Kami Mattioli (@kmattio) September 19, 2014

Well, that was … interesting:

A Howard Stern thing?

— T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) September 19, 2014

The heckler sounded like Benji from the Howard Stern show.

— Jimmy (@JimmyPrinceton) September 19, 2014


That was Benjy Bronk from the Howard Stern Show.

— Jimmy Traina (@JimmyTraina) September 19, 2014

Benjy Bronk from The Howard Stern Show pulled from the press conference, loudly.

— Alex Weprin (@alexweprin) September 19, 2014

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Idiotic People Dumped Their Trash In The Ocean. What Nature Did In Return Is Gorgeous.

There is a beach in Fort Bragg, California, that is a battleground between Mother Nature and the people that lived in the area. For years, the citizens of Fort Bragg lacked a trash collection service. Since they lived right by the ocean, they thought that the obvious solution to their refuse problem would be to dump all of their garbage in the water. With reckless abandon, the townsfolk tossed all kinds of trash into the ocean. The beach soon earned the nickname, “The Dumps.” It wasn’t until the 1960s that town officials became concerned for the environment and tried to stop the flow of trash into the ocean. They worked to remove the garbage build-up, and found something incredible beneath all of the trash.

For years, the water beat against the different kinds of trash being dumped.

Glass, household appliances and even motor parts were discarded on the beach.

The waves and weather conditions wore down the overwhelming amount of garbage in the water, creating millions of beautiful smooth rocks.

It was a disgusting dump due to our carelessness, but nature corrected what humans ruined.

The beach’s moniker was soon changed from The Dump to The Glass Beach, a more attractive name for the now-beautiful beach.

The Glass Beach and the surrounded twenty acres were purchased by the California State Park system and were incorporated into MacKerricher State Park.

The miraculous beach was finally under the protection of the state.

It’s hard to believe the short-sighted mistakes we were making that could have potentially ruined this beautiful spot.

But thanks to natural processes, the ocean transformed the trash into the sea glass.

Each colored gem on the beach has its own story.

The ruby red glass stones are typically from old car tail-lights.

Then, the sapphire rocks are the remnants of broken apothecary bottles.

The beach at Fort Bragg isn’t the only glass beach in the world, as strange and beautiful as it is.

There are other places in the world where Mother Nature put a stop to our foolishness.

If you want to see the sea glass for yourself, you can drive to Fort Bragg yourself and be in awe of the power of nature. Even if we didn’t mean to pollute the Glass Beach how we did, it’s inspiring to see just how hard the earth can correct our mistakes. Source: Kuriositas Click on the button below to share this article with others.

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Marshawn Lynch Won Super Bowl Media Day By Saying He Was Only There So He Wouldn’t Get Fined

The notoriously recalcitrant Seattle Seahawk stayed true to tight-lipped form on Tuesday. Money Lynch is fed up with the NFL treating him like an ATM.

1. During Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday, Marshawn Lynch answered every question with the same response: “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

3. Lynch was fined $100,000 earlier this season for refusing to make two mandatory media appearances. The NFL has said they will impose significant fines if he continues to reject his media obligations.

4. Lynch’s teammates — especially Richard Sherman — have supported Lynch’s refusal to bow to nonsensical NFL policies.

5. The NFL probably won’t like Lynch’s non-answers, but he did fulfill his obligation, and he did it so he won’t be fined.

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