These Awesome Wedding Photos Will Make You Wish You Could Redo Yours.

Marriage is a stressful time in a couples lives. When you get married, you have to worry about the planning of the wedding, the reception afterwards, and the fact that you are committing yourself to one person for the rest of your life. Along the way, it is easy to forget to have fun. The people in these pictures certainly didn’t, check it out!


I hope I can be as creative as these winners one day! Share this post if you know someone with unforgettable wedding photos.

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‘Mess’: Hundreds of thousands may have to repay Obamacare subsidies

It turns out not all those Obamacare signups that the administration was crowing about went as smoothly as they told you.!/RalphDkauf102/status/478373032008769536

You think?


‘#HeadDesk’: SEIU’s proof of Obamacare’s affordability is that 85 percent need financial assistance

‘Not a joke’: Brit Hume calls Reuters’ absurd Obamacare spin ‘classic liberal thinking’

‘LOL’: White House flack shovels ‘absolutely massive’ load of Obamacare enrollment spin

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Terry McMillan says ‘Republican’ LL Cool J forgot where he came from

Stacey Dash was the target of days’ worth of vile tweets after announcing her support for Mitt Romney. Much of the abuse was racist in nature, with critics calling the black actress an “Uncle Tom,” “house negro” and “Oreo” and Samuel L. Jackson calling her crazy. Today author Terry McMillan called out several black “Republican” celebrities for “forgetting where they came from,” doesn’t seem to know where they are now, at least politically.

Rapper LL Cool J, who announced he was an Independent on “Piers Morgan Tonight” in February, was surprised to learn that he’s a Republican.

@llcoolj Terry McMillan said that you are a republican and some folks forget where they come from. To each his own.

— Betty Johnkin (@bjohnkin) October 10, 2012

@bjohnkin lol she’s misinformed…

— LL Cool J (@llcoolj) October 10, 2012

@llcoolj @bjohnkin I saw the comment & thought it was harsh. It’s sad when people have to lash out at others without facts. *smh*

— Adrienne Graham (@talentdiva) October 10, 2012

@msterrymcmillan Actually @llcoolj is NOT a republican. He’s independent as he stated several times and supports Obama.

— Jeff Baron (@BadHabbits82) October 10, 2012

@badhabbits82 @msterrymcmillan truth.

— LL Cool J (@llcoolj) October 10, 2012

McMillan also called out Tracy Reese, who famously designed the dress that Michelle Obama wore to address the Democratic National Convention. (Her brother is a prominent Republican, though.) Perhaps Reese designed what she thought was an ugly dress in an attempt to discourage Obama voters, and then sent this deceptive tweet to cover her tracks:

When @michelleobama walked on stage at the DNC in our dress! Her speech was so powerful & inspiring & she looked amazing! @instyle #style100

— Tracy Reese (@Tracy_Reese) September 27, 2012

Rumors of 50 Cent’s GOP leanings began during the Bush administration, but the rapper openly supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 before switching allegiance to Barack Obama.

Regardless, why is it that black entertainers can’t support whoever they like without being accused of “forgetting” how they got where they are?

@msterrymcmillan we didn’t forget where we came from..we see where we are now under Democratic Leadership 18% unemployment #WhyCareAboutThat

— DidSheSayThat (@SonnieJohnson) October 10, 2012


McMillan says she did not mean to include Tracy Reese in her hall of shame.

OMG!!!!! I DID NOT MEAN TRACY REESE!!!!!!! And I have been advised that some info about LL & 50 Cents was in error. My sincere apologies.

— Terry McMillan (@MsTerryMcMillan) October 10, 2012


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This is what civility looks like: Anti-Walker protester wishes death on Wisc. Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch

This is vile:

Via the Media Research Center:

The polling on the governor’s race between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett is close, but the numbers between Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and her opponent, Mahlon Mitchell are even closer.

In fairness, some one the left have noted that Kleefisch’s advocacy on colo-rectal cancer issues since her diagnosis in 2010, which has been critical to increasing awareness of the disease. According to the liberal Cap Times: “We certainly have our differences with Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. But we recognize that she has stepped up as an outspoken advocate for colon-cancer survivors — and for Wisconsinites who might be at risk.”

We patiently await the decriers of the “war on women” to condemn this brand of rhetoric emanating from their own rank and file — though we understand that may warrant extra patience.

#WaronWomen? What #WaronWomen?

Step away, folks. Nothing to see here.

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